About us


Organisation of the telecommunications and network services market :

Consultancy firms

The consultancy firms work with top level management and recommend sector orientated strategies. Their goal is to make IT Management a strategic development tool for the company. These companies have a clear vision of sectors and a good knowledge of state of the art solutions. However, their approach tends to be conceptual and therefore less technical.


We are independent experts in networking and telecommunications. Our expertise covers a wide range of services inclunding consultancy, design and troubleshooting with the minimum of disruption to our clients' ecosystem.

Telecom Carriers

The telecom carriers now provide a wide range of LAN services. Nevertheless, their core business remains WAN solutions and telephony.


The integrators provide turnkey solutions as well as product orientated managed services. Due to their focus on specific products, they are less likely to offer breadth and depth of technical knowledge.

IT service companies

Some IT companies tend to focus on the management and post implementation services rather than the design or the build. This sector is now clearly targeted by major integrators.

Key figures

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15 years created in 2004
30 % annual growth 2019 forecasted revenue : €9.4M
50employees100 targeted for 2020
6 locations Paris, Lyon, Toulouse,Nice, Kuala Lumpur, Bucarest

Strength & Differentiators

Our success is based on our breath and depth of technical expertise, our knowledge and ability built on technical know-how and a solutions orientated approach to each environment. Continually developing our depth and breadth of skills we enhance, improve and broaden them through best practice, training and proven methodologies.

The diversity of the assignments also contributes to this, enabling our consultants to put their projects into perspective while carrying out constant technology monitoring: a method that enhances interest and improves efficiency. 

Last, but not least, our corporate culture stands out for its technical inquisitiveness, unpretentiousness, open-mindedness, team spirit and solidarity; qualities that stimulate skill-sharing and professionalism. 


CNS Perspectives

Thanks to its growth mainly sustained by large accounts (high profile CAPs), we are about to become the leading independent technical expertise company.
This project unites our family of technophiles and enables us to welcome new talent each year and to grow to over 50 consultants in the next 12 months.