Joining CNS

  • How many hires for 2016 ?

    • CNS plans to recruit around 15 consultant engineers this year, alternating junior and experienced engineers in order to facilitate the support and distribution of skills internally.

  • What is the recruitment policy ?

    • When we recruit an engineer, we are in it for the long term with him or her

This is why we recruit when someone catches our eye, rather than on assignment, throughout the year. 

  • How does recruitment at CNS work ?

    • In order to determine that you fit in with our values and us with yours, and to plan your CNS career together, the process process generally includes 2 to 3 interviews. 

      These anable us to identify your technical skills, your potential as a consultant and your ability to fit with us while offering you a complete vision of our company

Joining CNS means that you'll benefit from the dynamic environment and the advantages of a fast-developing company, particularly by :

Our offer

  • Diversifying
    your experience

    • Audits
    • Migrations
    • Design
    • Consultancy
    • Integration
    • ...
  • Tracing
    your own line

    • Business development
    • Unit management
    • Technical expertise
    • Advice
    • Account management
    • Project management
    • ...
  • Grow
    your skills

    • QoS, NX-OS/VPC,
    • 802.1x, Wireshark, Cacepilot, 
    • unified communications, Lync, 
    • telepresence, VPN IPSec and SSL
    • ...
  • Contributing
    to company life

    • Workshops to share experiences
    • CNS days
    • Team-building days
    • Internal trainings
    • After-works

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