CNS Consulting & Expertise

CNS Expertise

Skill centre & independent expertise

CNS communications skill-focus is in the networking, telecommunications and telephony over IP sectors. Our consultants manage complex and structured projects which require mastering technologies and understanding their impact on a business. 

The company offers high level consultancy services, modelling and design, and above all we are able to implement our solutions.

The solutions that we build are designed to be easy to operate : 

Our complete independence from vendors enables us to provide our clients with the best advice for their requirements.

Our keys to success

  1. Skills

    • Well-qualified consultants, typically with a Masters in telecommunications engineering

      Internal training programmes

      Supervision of consultants by senior staff and creation of teams to share professional best practice

      Vendor Certification encouraged (CCNP, CCIE & others)

  2. In Practice

    • A wide range of assignments, alternated with different environments, involving different technologies

      Time dedicated for briefings and debriefings

      A lot of troubleshooting !

  3. Methodology

    • Promotion of thoroughness and adaptability

      A made-in-CNS troubleshooting methodology

      ITIL-certified consultants

      An in depth understanding of the IT ecosystem

Our services

  • Implementation consultancy

    Working in partnership with our clients we provide advice on the best choice of networks for their business. We take responsibility for building, deploying and optimising their network infrastructure, providing the appropriate technical expertise to supervise the project and ensuring a successful completion.

    Key Success Factors :

    Our technical expertise and knowledge of the clients’ ecosystem.

    Example of Assignment :

    Defining the network architecture for a new Data Centre for a key client, and organising and supervising the successful migration.

  • Project ownership

    Under our expert guidance, we take responsibility for the design and management of a project from initial concept to successful implementation, aiming to match best practices and market solutions with our clients’ needs. This includes the in-depth audit of the existing infrastructure, client needs analysis, design and migration path scenarios, writing the Request for Information and Request for Proposal, and bid analysis. We then oversee the follow-up of the project through the test phase to the final commissioning.

    Key Success Factors :

    Our in-depth experience of methodology and change management

    Example of Assignment :

    Providing advice and support to a large account on the migration of a complex, heterogeneous, International ToIP solution.

  • Audit

    Historically the analysis of Information Systems has been our area of excellence. It involves the audit and analysis of the clients’ infrastructure, consisting of performance monitoring, resilience, and stability. From this we provide recommendations in order to rationalise and stabilise the infrastructure. It also involves the troubleshooting of complex problems and providing short and long term solutions. 

    Key Success Factors :

    Our broad technical expertise, knowledge of the ecosystem, and understanding of the side effects

    Example of Assignment :

    Troubleshooting in a sensitive environment following a network collapse, which paralysed the business, finding the causes, and providing the solutions.

  • Integration

    This activity consists of deploying network and telecommunication solutions or carrying out complex network migrations without disrupting the ecosystem.

    Key Success Factors :

    Our technical and product expertise, and knowledge of our client’s ecosystem

    Example of Assignment :

    Deploying a WiFi infrastructure for a high profile site.

  • Strategy Advice

    This is a new and promising area of growth for our business.  It is a high level activity consisting of recommending solutions in order to make Information Systems ‘fit’ with our clients’ strategic business needs, hence providing them with a real competitive advantage.

    Key Success Factors :

    Our focus on evolving markets, demonstrating real added value, through our technical expertise 

    Example of Assignment :

    Conducting a market analysis study for cloud-computing solutions

Global Operations

Due to their international presence, our major clients need our expertise almost everywhere in the world, so that English has become our day-to-day working language.