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Supporting our Customers

Independent Skills centre

Our market positioning, based on expertise and independence, enables us to have an overall vision of the topics linked to information systems.

Thanks to this, we have found our place not only in large accounts, but also in mid caps companies, public procurement and with other stakeholders, integrators and manufacturers, who are always seeking out expertise.

Large accounts

We act as a true skills centre in the IT department of our large account clients.

We support the management providing the KNOWLEDGE and the BUILD expertise for their network projects.

Our culture of large ecosystems enables us to integrate the solutions supported by the stakeholders while anticipating the side effects and meticulously preparing the migrations. 

Medium-sized companies

In order to continue their growth, medium-sized companies are permanently seeking new markets all over the world. They have to industrialise their information systems in order to create the differentiating factor that enables them to accelerate their growth and development instead of holding them back.

By offering them a vision that combines financial pragmatism with knowledge of large CAP compagnies Information Systems, we help them to break through that milestone and to organise their future information systems.


For IT products and services, public organisations have to buy through public tenders. As the financial aspect generally holds an important place in the final choice, the environments sometimes become very heterogeneous and then difficult and expensive to operate.

In order to overcome this problem and restore overall consistency in their IS, certain bodies (town halls, regional councils, hospital groups, etc.) have chosen to incorporate independent expertise services to advise them, resolve their
problems and occasionally to manage projects. We have
naturally become their partner for these kinds of projects. 

Integrators - manufacturers

Network integrators, oparators, vendors or consultancy companies call on us for our Telecommunications and Networking expertise : whether it be for troubleshooting where independence is essential, for complex migrations for which our knowledge of ecosystems is invaluable, or indeed for a turnkey network integration, datacentre or ToIP.

They trust us

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